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Legislative Updates Affecting Guardianship Matters in Nevada by Homa S. Woodrum, Esq.


Note: This article was originally published in the Communiqué, the official publication of the Clark County Bar Association (September 2015). Guardianship is a legal framework for the substitution of an individual’s financial and/or personal decision making by reason of incompetence. Incompetence can be due to minority or a determination of incapacity (mental illness, debility, dementia,… Read More

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Avvo Endorsement from June 2014

Avvo Endorsement from June 2014 of Homa S. Woodrum, Esq.

  Thank you for the kind words! Richard Chatwin, Estate Planning Attorney in Henderson, NV – 19 days ago Relationship: Fellow lawyer in community I endorse this lawyer. Homa is a great guardianship attorney. She has a great eye for detail, sincerely cares for her clients and works hard on their behalf.

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What Incapacity in Adults is NOT in Nevada Adult Guardianship Cases

I see a lot of questions come up on the law question site Avvo.com where a parent wants to take control over their adult child’s decision making because they are worried they are in a downward spiral.  This concern is not enough and I thought I’d try to explain a little about what that means… Read More

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10 Things to Gather Before Meeting Your Nevada Guardianship Attorney

The best way to save on costs with an attorney is to do as much of your own information gathering as possible. These tips are also good if you are preparing to represent yourself in a guardianship matter. I’ve written this list as if you are seeking guardianship over an adult or minor family member.… Read More

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