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Understanding Nevada Guardianship Types

There is confusion in the media (“ward of the state” gets tossed around a lot) and in public perception about Nevada guardianship matters. This guide explains the difference between private professional, public, temporary, and general guardians and everything in between.  (See the piece on Avvo.com as well) What is Guardianship? Simply put, guardianship is where… Read More

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What Incapacity in Adults is NOT in Nevada Adult Guardianship Cases

I see a lot of questions come up on the law question site Avvo.com where a parent wants to take control over their adult child’s decision making because they are worried they are in a downward spiral.  This concern is not enough and I thought I’d try to explain a little about what that means… Read More

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Obtaining Proof of United States Citizenship

Did you lose your proof of citizenship?  Need documentation for a United States Passport application?  See the legal guide below or the original as posted to Avvo.com. See disclaimers at the bottom of this page and also feel free to view the original article on Avvo.com. Certain applications, such as a U.S. Passport application, require proof… Read More

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10 Things to Gather Before Meeting Your Nevada Guardianship Attorney

The best way to save on costs with an attorney is to do as much of your own information gathering as possible. These tips are also good if you are preparing to represent yourself in a guardianship matter. I’ve written this list as if you are seeking guardianship over an adult or minor family member.… Read More

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