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Guardianship Matters in the Eighth Judicial District Court to be Heard by Judge Steel

As of June 1, 2015, Adult Guardianship matters before the Eighth Judicial District Court will be heard on Wednesday mornings in Courtroom 9.  On Thursday hearings will be held in Courtroom 1 and Monday hearings will be in Courtroom 9. The presiding judge is Judge Cynthia Dianne Steel.  You can read more about this new… Read More

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Clark County Family Service Resources

I often get requests for information about free assistance for families in Clark County facing homelessness, divorce, child support and custody issues, as well situations such as domestic abuse or food insecurity so I have gathered some common resources in one place.  These are not the universe of what is out there but it is… Read More

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Eighth Judicial District Court Guardianship Courtroom Changes

Until at least the end of the year, the Eighth Judicial District Court’s Guardianship hearings will be in the following courtrooms on the following days of each week: Monday – Courtroom 9 Wednesday – Courtroom 12 Thursday – Courtroom 1 Thank you to Richard Chatwin, Esq. of Gerrard Cox Larsen for the information.  The prior… Read More

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New Case Cover Sheets in the Eighth Judicial District Court

Today is the first day for using the new Eighth Judicial District Court Cover Sheets – a lot more choices for case types but otherwise a lot of the same information we’re used to with the old cover sheets. These apply when you are initiating an action civilly in District Court. Download the civil/family one… Read More

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